The Soft Girl Era

The Soft Girl Era

“Revolution begins in the self and with the self.” This profound statement comes from Toni Cade Bambara, a filmmaker, activist, and author, in her 1970 anthology "Black Woman." It reflects the current focus on self-care and embracing a gentler lifestyle. It's safe to say that the "soft girl era" has arrived. 

In recent years, our community has been increasingly discussing the concept of Black women embracing a more relaxed lifestyle. LA Times writer Rachel Cargle describes the soft life era as; “the soft life era relates to our efforts to set healthy boundaries, our ability to be introspective, our openness to ask for help and the prioritizing of our physical and mental well-being. 

How can we embrace our soft girl phase? An article from Spell Magazine titled “How to manifest your soft girl era” gives several tips on how to tap into your soft girl.  The article reads, “Create a mood board to define the type of woman you wish to be, and the life you want to have for yourself. Hang this up somewhere you can see every day. The purpose of this mood board is to encourage and remind you to take action towards becoming the best version of yourself.” 

Read the full article HERE to get healthy tips on how to start your own soft life era.