Glamourina Affiliate Program Agreement and Terms


  • Must attend mandatory Meet and Greet Zoom Call on Sunday, June 12th at 6pm 
  • Must commit to be an active affiliate from June 13th-August 31 
  • Must have a PayPal account in order to receive commission
  • Must add “Glamourina Affiliate” to your social media bio (IG/FB/YT/TikTok/etc) 
  • Must follow Glamourina IG, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok pages.
  • Must create 1 Social Media post per week (instagram, facebook, tiktok)
  • Must create 1 Video Post twice a month (reels, IG story, youtube)
  • Must share your affiliate link and 15% promotional code with friends, family, supporters

*Affiliates have the option to participate in at least 1 Glamourina IG LIVE per month

All social media posts containing Glamourina® promotion must include the following tags/mentions: #activewear #glamourina #workout #blackowned @shopglamourina @glamourina_fitsquad


  • You must select “PayPal” as your preferred method of payment in your affiliate portal
  • You will receive 15% commission on ALL sales when your referral uses your personalized code at checkout
  • Commission is calculated after deducting shipping and taxes from the order
  • Payment will be issued via paypal on the last day of each month
  • Affiliates receiving payments of $600 or more will be required to submit a W9 form


  1. After thirty days Glamourina® reserves the right to terminate this agreement at its discretion. Likewise, you have the right to terminate this agreement at your discretion after three months.

  1. The purchase of apparel is not required to be a part of this program.  

  1. You agree not to disparage or comment negatively about the Company or its products, services, officers, management,current or former employees.

  1. Being a Glamourina® Affiliate requires professional conduct in all matters associated with the company – online and in person. Glamourina®, in turn, is expected to support its Affiliates’ image in the most professional manner.

  1. Any photos, videos or other digital assets produced as part of this agreement will immediately become property of Glamourina®, and must not be used for any other purposes outside promotion of Glamourina® brand.

  1. Please Refrain from the following;
  • Being seen to use or endorse athletic apparel other than Glamourina® (unless 

previously discussed with Kia or Nekol)

  • Appearing in photographs where competing retailers branding can be seen
  • Criticizing other people, brands, suppliers, retailers or products. 

  1. As a representative of Glamourina®, please consider the context of your message in the    

         news feed environment, and make sure that Social Media profiles images and 

         photographs are:

  • In good taste and free from unacceptable or unlawful material or remarks, including  offensive, abusive or discriminatory comments of any kind;
  • Free from threatening, bullying or harassment of another person or making excessive  or unreasonable demands upon another person;
  • Free from sexually explicit or overtly sexually suggestive material or correspondence
  • Free from false or defamatory information about a person or organization

  1. Confidential Glamourina® information must not be shared outside of the company, without authorization, at any time. Glamourina® owns any communication sent via email or any other mode of  communication. owns any communication sent via email or any other mode of communication.

  1. The Affiliate promotional code cannot be combined with any other sales or promotions and is only applicable to items listed at full price. 

  1. Taxes: As an Affiliate you are considered an independent contractor not an employee.  It will be your responsibility to report all earned income to the IRS on your taxes.  

  1. Order Processing: We will process orders placed by customers who follow affiliate links from your website/social media account to We reserve the right to reject orders that do not comply with any requirements on, as they may be updated from time to time. does not offer refunds on orders. However, if a special issue arises and a refund is issued, commission from that order is returned.

  1. Policies and Pricing:

Customers who buy products through this Program are customers of with respect to all activities they undertake in connection with Accordingly, as between you and us, all pricing, terms of sale, rules, policies, and operating procedures concerning customer orders, customer service, and product sales set forth on will apply to those customers, and the same may be changed at any time.

  1. This agreement will begin on June 13th, 2022  and end on August 31st , 2022.