Slaying the Workout Game: Gym Hairstyles for Black Women

Slaying the Workout Game: Gym Hairstyles for Black Women

Hey Glamourina Beauties!

We know that hitting the gym is not just about breaking a sweat; it's also an opportunity to showcase your unique style and confidence. For our Black Queens out there, we understand the importance of finding the perfect gym hairstyle that not only looks fabulous but also stands up to the intensity of your workout. Today, we're sharing 3 of our favorite gym hairstyles that will have you looking and feeling amazing during every squat, lunge, and cardio session.


Box Braids

Box braids emerge as an ideal gym hairstyle for Black women, seamlessly blending style and functionality. These tightly woven braids not only showcase cultural beauty but also serve as a protective shield for natural hair during workouts. Box braids provide durability and longevity, enduring the rigors of various exercises without compromising their aesthetic appeal. Their low-maintenance nature minimizes the need for constant adjustments, allowing for a hassle-free workout experience. Beyond practicality, box braids offer versatility, enabling diverse styling options that suit individual preferences. By opting for box braids in the gym, Black women not only preserve the health of their hair but also exude confidence and empowerment as they conquer their fitness journey with grace and flair.

Classic Low Bun

The low bun stands out as an excellent gym hairstyle for Black women for several reasons. First and foremost, it provides a practical solution to keep hair secure and away from the face during workouts. This style is versatile, accommodating various hair textures and lengths, making it accessible for everyone. Additionally, the low bun is a protective style that helps minimize hair breakage and tangling caused by friction with workout gear. It's a timeless and chic choice that exudes simplicity while maintaining a polished appearance. The low bun is not only functional but also effortlessly stylish, allowing Black women to hit the gym with confidence, knowing their hair is both secure and on-point. Whether you're engaging in high-intensity cardio or weightlifting, the low bun ensures that you can focus on your fitness goals without any hair-related distractions.

Twisted Up Locs

Opting for twisted up locs is a brilliant choice for Black women hitting the gym, combining practicality and style seamlessly. Twisted locs provide a protective and secure hairstyle that stands up to the demands of rigorous workouts. The twisted texture ensures durability, preventing frizz and maintaining a polished look even during intense exercise. Additionally, twisted up locs offer a timeless and sophisticated appearance that exudes confidence in and out of the gym. This hairstyle requires minimal maintenance, allowing for a fuss-free workout experience. Whether engaged in cardio, weightlifting, or yoga, twisted up locs keep hair neatly in place, freeing women to focus on their fitness journey without the distraction of constant adjustments. Choosing twisted up locs for the gym is not just a practical decision; it's a statement of embracing individuality and radiating beauty while pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle.


Glamourina Queens, your gym hairstyle should be a reflection of your personality and confidence. Whether you're a fan of protective styles, braids, or classic buns, there's a perfect gym look for every Black Queen out there. Embrace your beauty, hit the gym with style, and let your hair be the crowning glory of your workout sessions! Remember, you're not just working out; you're slaying every step of the way. Stay fabulous!

What's your favorite gym hairstyle? Share your workout looks with us on social media using #GlamourinaFitness. Let's inspire each other to keep slaying!