How To Start Your Own Business as a Black Woman

How To Start Your Own Business as a Black Woman

August is Black Business Month! Like Black History Month and Juneteenth this month gives us a gentle reminder to shop and support local and national Black owned businesses.

Black business month is also a time where some of us may ask ourselves if we should take that leap of faith and start our own business. 

All business owners face challenges when getting started. Black women in America, however, are also faced with systemic racism and sexism which often results in lack of funding for startups. 


Simone Johnson, staff writer at, wrote this amazing article Tips Black Women Business Owners Have for Black Female Entrepreneurs. Simone spoke with 5 successful business owners who shared their personal stories of overcoming the challenges faced when starting a business and being a Black Woman. 

Simone begins the article with a few tips for black entrepreneurs. She writes;

  • "Mentorship and advice from successful business owners can help you navigate challenges in receiving funding and networking.
  • Instead of underpricing your services to gain clients, price your services based on market rates and how much your services are worth.
  • Use social media, pitching and word of mouth to network with potential customers and gain new clients for your business."

Are you thinking about starting your own business?  Read the FULL ARTICLE HERE to help you get started.