Nov 23rd 2010 at 6:08PM

Rania Jaziri founded Jordin’s Paradise in January 2010, making it one of the newest additions to the prospering, dynamic, up and coming area around DC’s Convention Center.

Laughing Yoga

Rania got her start as a personal trainer, which she enjoyed very much, but the gym’s she worked in would not let her teach fun and sexy classes.

Jordin’s Paradise differs from other pole studios, and they offer a more personalized approach to exotic exercise.  While most studios have classes of 15 or more people, space must be reserved at Jordin’s because they only have eight poles. This way, the instructor is able to give more personalized instruction to each student and is able to know each student by name. Rania also conducts surveys to find the most convenient times for classes. Recently, Jordin’s started offering a lunchtime class because surveys showed that’s what the customers wanted. “If you want a class at 1am, we’ll have a class at 1am!” she said. Wow, that would be some kind of after party following the club!

Pole Advanced

We understand not everyone is a fearless femme and may be a bit shy about shaking what their mama gave them in front of ANYONE, much less on a pole. With such small classes, you are able to let go of inhibitions without an exercise class full of 40 or more people watching you, like at other gyms. Rania also notes that from her experience at teaching larger more traditional exercise classes, it is a more competition-based environment, while classes at Jordin’s Paradise are more exercise-based. Additionally, the classes have a full length mirror; therefore students are way more focused on themselves and the instructor than on their fellow students. I mean no one has ever felt sexy in broad daylight with the theme song from Sesame Street blasting on the stereo, correct? Therefore, the studio lights are dimmed, and sexy music is always blasting from the speakers to put you in the right frame of mind. Oh and of course the disco ball is spinning in the middle of the ceiling for good measure. Don’t think that just because you will have a great time in class that you won’t get a serious workout! While the classes do incorporate heavy dance elements, it’s impossible not to break a sweat. Different classes target different areas of the body; for instance, Pole Dance is more of an upper body workout, Belly Dancing will work your core, and Tap will have your lower half feeling the burn. The Pole Dance Aerobics class I participated in was definitely challenging! Rania pointed out a student she has seen lose 20 pounds while taking regular classes (diet and exercise are obviously integral parts as well). She mentioned that taking a variety of classes to work on cardio, upper and lower body, aerobic activity etc. three to four times a week increases the toned appearance of the body. Jordin’s most popular classes include pole cardio, pole dancing, and kickboxing. But there is definitely a variety of class offerings and you can switch up your regimen quite often and still attend the three to four classes a week.

Pole Play

Now you may think that just because it’s “exotic” it’s only for women…not so! While many studios ban men from the pole area except on special events, Jordin’s Paradise accepts all. And it’s not just the guys playing for the other team who are swinging on the pole. Rania states that couples come in to the dance and pole classes. Men on a pole? What a novel idea! Believe it or not, the men often leave with a greater respect for their women who attend classes because getting up on that pole is not as easy as you may think!



In addition to classes, Jordin’s Paradise has several other special events on a regular basis. They recently completed a breast cancer fundraiser, Empower Her World with Every Twirl at DC hot-spot Josephine’s. Check out their website, for more special events and the class schedule. I guarantee you will need to shake your booty and shake off some of those holiday dinners this season!

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  1. Corina says:

    Did Rania mention what laughing yoga is? I have never heard of it but it looks pretty interesting, sure it works the core something serious!

  2. Franky says:

    This sounds fun and I never knew it was a class offered in DC, most are in MD. Thanks for the info!!!!

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