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Sportswear for Plus Size Women!

“Plus-size and can’t find decent activewear? We rounded up brands that offer up stylish and high-performing plus-size workout clothes. You’re welcome!”  READ MORE at

#Glamourina Presents: Statement Leggings

There is no woman in this nation that has not experienced the glory of a good pair of leggings! Athletic leggings are so comfortable yet versatile that over the past 15 years they have dominated the active wear industry, completely overtaking the denim market!

Simple black leggings are always a safe go-to for athletic wear or leisurely comfort.  However, as we step into a new year, Glamourina challenges you to step outside of the box a little, and try something new.  Adding a pair of statement leggings to your winter wardrobe will do just that, make a statement!  Statement leggings like these from the Glamourina Kente Collection will go perfectly with colorful cropped sweaters and simple stilettos, a must have in your fashion forward closet!


Bottoms: Kente Athletic Leggings in Orange

Sweater:  Unravel Wool-Blend Sweater

December 12/2017


Working Out with Natural Hair













Exercising with natural hair can be both a blessing and a curse.  Getting fit is always great but who wants to ruin their beautiful natural hair.  What should you do?  Check out our favorite blog from Black Girl Health and get their tips and tricks to working out with Natural Hair!!!


“It’s no secret that working out with natural hair can be a bit of a struggle. Humidity, sweat, and all the things that accompany a good exercise session are the very same things that can take a cute hair style from “yasss girl” to “girl what happened?”” Continue reading HERE!

November 20, 2017